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      State Grid Corporation: accelerate the construction of ubiquitous electric Internet of Things in the second half of the year


      Since the company fully launched the construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things, various departments and units have taken the initiative and implemented it in depth, achieving significant results.

      Since the company fully launched the construction of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things, various departments and units have taken the initiative and implemented it in depth, achieving significant results.

      Overall work carried out in an orderly manner

      The company headquarters strengthens overall planning, communication and coordination, and comprehensively promotes planning, scheme design, standard formulation, and other work.

      Act quickly and have firm confidence. All units are proactive and constantly innovating their work ideas. Based on the overall situation of the company, all departments have gathered consensus, gradually deepened their understanding of co construction and sharing, unified standards, business integration, and data sharing, and formed a joint force.

      Carefully organized and scientifically planned. Issuing the 2019 construction plan, coordinating and arranging 57 construction tasks, 25 comprehensive demonstration tasks, and 160 self expansion tasks. Develop a three-year (2019-2021) plan and three special plans for application systems, data platforms, and network security. According to the principle of "continuation and postponement", reorganize the information technology needs, and complete project initiation and feasibility review.

      Coordinate and collaborate, and prioritize standards. Establish the rules of procedure for creating a world-class energy internet enterprise office, establish a platform for joint consultation and construction, complete the preparation of special plans, and initiate implementation. Establish a standard system for ubiquitous power Internet of Things technology and an evaluation index system for energy internet enterprises, and initiate the preparation of 47 core standards, protocols, and interface specifications.

      Communicate and cooperate to create an atmosphere. The relevant departments of the headquarters have brainstormed, collaborated, and taken multiple measures, achieving effective results in their work. 35 exchanges and discussions with 22 well-known domestic internet companies and central enterprises, drawing on experience and practices. Promote the construction of ubiquitous power IoT through various channels through activities such as youth entrepreneurship competitions. Proactively promoting the ubiquitous power Internet of Things in international exchange and cooperation has received positive responses from multinational enterprises and institutions.

      Steady progress in key tasks

      The relevant departments of the headquarters and grassroots units have done a lot of communication, coordination, and practical and effective work in project implementation.

      In terms of improving business quality and efficiency, complete the optimization and improvement plan for the integration of business and distribution, clarify tasks, and fully launch. Complete the pilot operation of the "Online State Grid" in Zhejiang, and launch the overall design of the network wide promotion and customer service business platform. Launch the overall design of the power grid resource business platform, and synchronously promote the construction of the distribution and transmission IoT. Complete the design of specialized solutions such as multi-dimensional lean cost management. The fifth is to complete the overall design of the infrastructure digital platform and initiate pilot construction. The application of internal network mobile office has been launched at the headquarters, and the provincial company has completed the integration of mobile operation terminals.

      In terms of expanding emerging businesses, complete the new energy cloud construction plan, hold on-site promotion meetings, and initiate pilot construction. Launch the design of the intelligent IoT platform for electrical equipment and promote the construction of a smart operation center. Discuss with telecom operators and other enterprises the commercial operation models and interconnection technology standards for resources such as towers and optical fibers.

      In terms of consolidating the foundation of interconnection, carry out iterative improvement of unified data models, strengthen implementation and application, and establish two levels


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